The Education of Eva Moskowitz

From Eva Moskowitz, the outspoken founder and CEO of the charter school Success Academy, comes a frank, feisty memoir about the rough-and-tumble battles to reform America’s education system.


mission possible

Eva Moskowitz and Arin Lavinia offer practical, classroom-tested ideas for dramatically improving teaching and learning. Moskowitz and Lavinia reveal how a charter school in the middle of Harlem, enrolling neighborhood children selected at random, emerged as one of the top schools in New York City and State within three years. 


in therapy we trust

Eva Moskowitz argues that Americans today turn to psychological cures as confidently as they once petitioned the Lord with prayer. Taking a historical approach, Moskowitz explores the country's tendency to find psychological explanations―and excuses―for nearly everything.

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LinkedIn articles

Eva frequently shares aspects of the Success Academy school design, her approach to management and recruitment, news, and visions for education reform on her official LinkedIn profile.


Huffington post pieces

As a Huffington Post contributor, Eva uses this platform to express her opinions, share ideas, and feature the voices of experts in education.