ExcelinEd: Award Keynote

ExcelinEd | Eva Moskowitz

Eva Moskowitz, CEO of Success Academy Charter Schools, speaking at the 2018 National Summit on Education Reform on Friday, December 7, in Washington, D.C.

Governor Jeb Bush and ExcelinEd to Honor Eva Moskowitz at 2018 National Summit on Education Reform

Globe Newswire | Jennifer Diaz

The Foundation for Excellence in Education (ExcelinEd) today announced that Eva Moskowitz, the founder and CEO of Success Academy Charter Schools, will be honored at the 2018 National Summit on Education Reform (#EIE18) on Friday, December 7, in Washington, D.C. 

Conversations with Jim Zirin

Conversations with Jim Zurin

Some see education reform at odds with a time-tested public school system. Former City Councilwoman Eva Moskowitz runs 216 New York charter schools. She tells Jim public schools have  failed poor children, while charter schools have made for higher test scores among her students, 93% of whom are children of color.

The Secret Ingredient to Growing Great Readers

Thomas B. Fordham Institute | Eva Moskowitz

At Success Academy, we work hard to select texts that are worth thinking about. Regardless of the genre, we choose texts based, above all, on the power of their ideas. Ultimately, this is the foundational ingredient of a rigorous, sophisticated literacy curriculum—and it is a simple and low-cost way that all schools can improve the education they give their students.

N.Y. State Fails a Grading Test

New York Daily News | Eva Moskowitz

New York's Department of Education announced last week that it will publicly release state test results a month later than usual — in mid-September. Eva Moskowitz explains that this unjustifiable delay will harm schools, and it makes no sense. Schools will be forced to begin the new year with no grasp of what drove changes in their performance, and no capacity to define goals or craft improvement strategies.

Stossel: Saving Kids From Government Schools

Reason | John Stossel & Maxim Lott

John Stossel describes how Success Academy's Eva Moskowitz has demonstrated that more choice in education yields incredible outcomes. Her school gets amazing results: 95% of kids pass the state math test, and 84% pass English. At all NYC government schools only 38% and 41% pass. John gives Success Academy, and school choice, an A!

Why School Choice Matters

The Washington Times | Eva Moskowitz

Eva Moskowitz writes that in truth, charter schools are not about privatization or politics. They’re about empowering parents who don’t want to sit helplessly by while their children attend failing schools. As such, they deserve support from every Democrat — and every American — who is committed to advancing equality and opportunity for all our citizens.

Leveling the Education Playing Field, with Eva Moskowitz

Elevate Podcast

Eva Moskowitz, Founder and CEO of Success Academy Charter Schools, has been passionate about education from the time she was young. Eva discusses how Success Academy is reversing the achievement gap, why we need to more women at the top and why it’s important for parents to have autonomy over where their kids go to school. 

Eva Moskowitz, Educational Reform Advocate

WOUB Digital

Eva Moskowitz is a pioneering and sometimes controversial figure in urban politics and American education. And she is well known as the founder of Success Academy Charter Schools, a network of more than 40 high performing schools in New York City.On today’s episode, we will hear about her new book, “The Education of Eva Moskowitz – A Memoir.”

The Charter-School Crusader

The Atlantic | Elizabeth Green

A tiny outpost in Harlem spawned brethren all across Manhattan, the Bronx, Brooklyn, and Queens; Harlem Success Academy is now part of the Success Academy Charter Schools network, of which Moskowitz—the author of a lively new memoir, The Education of Eva Moskowitz—is CEO. From that position, she has become one of the country’s most influential crusaders at a turning point for charter schooling.

Innovating Education

U.S. News | Lauren Camera

Eva Moskowitz recently published a memoir, “The Education of Eva Moskowitz,” where she outlines the evolution of her thinking on education and where she hopes to go in the future. She recently spoke with U.S. News about her model for success and education policy.

“The Education of Eva Moskowitz” – her battle to reform our education system

WLS-AM 890

In New York City’s traditional public schools, 24% of black and Hispanic students passed the state math test this year. At Success Academy, 95% of these students passed the math test. About 4 times as many. Listen as Big John and Ramblin’ go in depth with Eva Moskowitz and find out how it happened in New York City and how it could happen here in Chicago. THEN, read “The Education of Eva Moskowitz.”

Eva Moskowitz looks back at her turn away from district schools, as she plans for 100 schools of her own

Chalkbeat | Monica Desire

During an interview at a Chalkbeat breakfast event on Thursday, the CEO of Success Academy Charter Schools explained her evolution from what she described as an “FDR Democrat” who believed the traditional school system was flawed but could be improved to an outspoken critic trying to lead an educational revolution from the outside.

Success Story: Founder and CEO of Success Academy recounts her journey

Education Next | Chester E. Finn, Jr.

There are hundreds of thousands of poor and minority kids whose striving parents want them to succeed, parents who can get them to school in the morning and ensure that they do their homework in the evening but who cannot find or afford an acceptable school in the city where they live. Those kids need and deserve great schools, too. Hurrah for Moskowitz for showing how—and now for describing it so well.